About Golf Tips Made Simple®:

Hello, I'm Brian Powers, PGA.  As the operator of Golf Tips Made Simple® in Oxnard, California, it brings me deep gratitude and satisfaction to be able to share with my students how to reach their goals in golf (which I have been so fortunate to have witnessed so many of my students achieve so many times in my career).  I take pride in making it a priority to teach my students everything they need to know in their golf lessons in the most efficient way possible.  I will cover the fundamentals of the swing with you from the grip to alignment to posture to ball position to some crucial swing secrets I've discovered on my own over the years that are sure to help you improve a whole lot.  I will also cover all aspects of the short game with you as needed and even make it a priority to cover the mental game as well which is also vitally important to your success on the golf course.  I leave nothing out, but keep it all simple and don't make anything too confusing.  I will teach you the required fundamentals to help you build a mechanically sound golf swing and game.  Then, I build winning attitudes.  You've probably heard the phrase "it's what's inside that makes a champion."  Well, that's not just true for pro athletes but at every level from your every day total beginner trying to make their first par to the most experienced professional golfers eyeing in on setting a new course record.  Once you've adopted my program and learned the proper technique,  I will then bring out your true champion inside to help you achieve your goals in golf with my 8 key elements to play your best golf.  It is the rest assured method to get you to perform at your highest level and stay there.  I know how to bring out the best in most people.  I always have.  In fact, I live by a motto that I encourage my students to adopt which is to "strive for excellence not for perfection."  We can talk about why that saying is so important for you in golf at some other time.

While many instructors only cover the mechanics of the game and overcomplicate them, I keep things simple because learning to play great golf isn't rocket science or some complicated formula.  Although I may videotape your swing from time to time, I'm not one to draw a bunch of imaginary lines around it, telling you how screwed up it is in order to earn your business because (contrary to much popular belief) that just is not the best way for anyone to learn golf at any level.  Instead, I take a more positive, simplistic approach by physically putting you in all of the right positions from the start (not focusing on what you do wrong) showing you how to learn by feel through increased repetition (under my supervision) to build proper muscle memory.  This way you can eventually learn how to repeat different swing moves by feel without me having to be there, which is ultimately the best way for anyone to learn anyhow.  Also, you have to be careful not to be overly mechanical in golf because it can create unnecessary confusion in an already difficult game and not focus your mind appropriately.  If you learn golf my way you will learn how to swing your best through the easiest, most efficient and natural method.  I teach a compact, simple swing with less moving parts along with good rhythm, tempo and timing and a foundation set in excellent pre-shot fundamentals.  You will see dramatic improvement taking golf lessons with me (as most of my students have).  I will help you learn from your mistakes through my guidance and supervision.  All I ask is that you have an open ear and an open mind.  I'm a big believer in simplicity, reinforcing the positive and you learning from your mistakes because you're only moving forward if you've learned something from your bad shots.  You have to be very careful not to fall victim to bad advice or paralysis by analysis though, which can lead you into a downward spiral of hardship and struggle.  Many golf instructors will throw all kinds of confusing stuff at you to make themselves sound like they're an expert in order to try to impress you, when they really aren't.  That's just not me.  While they might tell their students only what they may want to hear about how to improve their games in order to earn their business (instead of the real truth), I make it a point to always tell people the real truth about how to improve their games the right way, even if it may not seem to be in my own best interests or what they may really even want to hear.  Most people I've taught really appreciate me for that and find dramatic results.  Plus, that's how I sleep well at night.  In fact, I don't need to try to impress you with meaningless jargon or too many confusing swing thoughts because my credentials, training and experience speak for themselves.   Golf teachers confusing their students by overcomplicating the learning process is just down right counterproductive, often times unethical,  simply not the way to play your best golf and takes the fun right out of the game.  Just come see me so this doesn't happen to you!

I won't string you out either, giving you a little information here and a little information there in each lesson to keep you coming back as some other golf teachers do.   My goal is to get you playing the best golf of your life as quickly as possible and if you never have to see me again then great.  But, I know you will be so satisfied that you'll tell all of your friends.  And that's how I run my business. 

Playing History:

I started playing golf years ago in junior college while playing baseball for the school's team.  After dealing with a major and incurable throwing shoulder injury I decided to transition my energy from baseball to golf.  After transferring  to UCSB (where I would eventually graduate from with a Business Economics degree), I soon gained some very valuable experience traveling to different golf courses competing with a regular group of local pros near the university.  I turned professional 5 years later after passing my 36 hole playing ability test for the PGA of America on my first attempt at the PGA of Southern California Golf Club in Beaumont, CA.  Since then I have competed in quite a few pro tournaments.  I won several times and had many high finishes on the Pepsi Professional Golf Tour here in So. Cal. mostly between 2007 and 2008.  My career low tournament round is a 61 at North Ranch Country Club in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Now, I don't play as much as I used to, but throughout my career as a golf professional many people have asked me why I didn't pursue a playing career on the bigger tours.  I simply answer them truthfully that the lifestyle just wasn't for me.  Maybe I had the talent, but I didn't really like large crowds or especially the idea of being on the road most of the year living out of hotel rooms far away from loved ones.  Instead, I prefer living a simple, laid back lifestyle near a place I could call home, close to friends and family, teaching fellow golfers how to find the joy in this great game that I discovered myself on my own over the years and still score well all the while.  Now-a-days, I occasionally play in local pro tournaments throughout Southern California, but am a much more dedicated and passionate teacher of golf at heart than I am a player.  In fact, still to this day I find it more rewarding when my students succeed in their playing endeavors than me in my own, as I have had very many success stories.  Just see the testimonials page of this website to only hear a few.

Teaching Philosophy from PGA School
"I believe golf is not a game of perfection.  Though we may scientifically search for the answers in the flaws of our stroke and fix some with practice and hard work, we can still never achieve perfection in this game.  Perfection to me means putting a stroke on the ball that causes it to do what you intended every time.  There comes a point where you must accept your imperfections as human with regards to the science behind the stroke and then become an artist.  You must be a swing magician and an escape artist all tied up into one in order to really play this game well.

To be able to tap into the rhythm and tempo necessary to hit good golf shots and get up and down from a tricky lie with the tournament on the line is discovered by the artist.  Understanding that this is a game for the artist and the mechanic is crucial for teachers to convey when instructing their students to become well-rounded golfers.  Being able to tap into one's artistic and mechanical side on the golf course can give anyone the competitive edge they need to succeed.  It is crucial that we as teachers and players emphasize both the art and science of this game when teaching because we are not all left brain dominant.  The artistic aspect of this game must never be forgotten."

Personal Life:

To give a little background on myself, I was born in Glendale, California to two professional hard-working parents.  I've been playing competitive sports my whole life.  However, it wasn't until 1994 that I became interested in golf after excelling at other sports.   I was heavily recruited out of high school by several division one colleges for football and scouted heavily for baseball by different professional teams.  In fact, up through and after high school I would play with several future minor league and major league baseball players.   However, I  suffered two career ending injuries to my throwing shoulder in college that ended my hopes of a professional baseball career at age 19.  Although I had to experience this misfortune, it was then that I picked up golf and couldn't be more grateful to have made the transition from baseball to golf.  And what do you know now?  Golf has truly been a blessing in my life.  I've been fortunate enough to have earned my membership in the PGA of America alongside golf's greatest legends, had the pleasure and satisfaction of watching my students' faces light up with joy after achieving some of their most challenging goals in golf and been able to earn 2 of the highest designations among golf teaching professionals worldwide.  I'd have to say its been quite a ride.

If you come to take lessons with me you will ultimately have the competitive edge you need to succeed because I have the experience, training and know-how to get you there.   I have been able to take the knowledge I've gained from my professional training and athletic experience over the years and very effectively apply it towards bettering my golf game and the golf games of my students. 

The nice thing about taking lessons with me is that I can relate very well to my students.  Though I am a professional golfer, golf is still my favorite hobby and a great way for me to also escape the stresses of the world.  It's not just a job that's all about my score.  Golf is a whole lot more to me than that.  In fact, I understand that having more fun at golf is still usually the top priority amongst most people I teach and I know how to keep golf fun while still playing your best.  Too many teachers just don't know how to do that or communicate it to their students.  I do.  There is so much to learn from golf that can also make us much better and more successful people in so many ways.  I have the answers you need (from over 20 years of playing experience) to get you on your way.  Just come see me to find out.

Brian Powers, PGA

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