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The Mental Game: 

"Why does it seem nowadays we have more people quitting golf than taking it up? The answer (in my opinion) is because either they or their golf pro have confused their minds with all too many swing thoughts leading them into a downward spiral of paralysis by analysis. The question really is how technical or mechanical is too technical? I've always taught my students never to focus on more than 3 swing thoughts at a time and if it ain't broke don't fix it. Once I believe they've built those swing thoughts into muscle memory, its time to move on to new ones. Lets not forget that performing the golf swing is an athletic move and whenever you're performing any athletic move in any sport you should try to keep it as simple as possible. There are the basic fundamentals everyone should try to master and its good to stay on top of things to make sure you're not falling backwards into any old bad habits, but once your technique is sound, then it truly is what's inside that makes the champion. That's where and when my 8 essential elements for any golfer to play their best really comes into play."

The Sand Blast: 

"Many people fear the dreaded bunker shot, but the truth is if you know how to execute it properly the sand can actually be your friend because you can pretty easliy predict how the ball is going to react and spin when struck properly. When hitting from a fairway bunker, we want to hit the ball first and then the sand playing the ball slightly more back in our stance to be able to do that easier. However, when hitting from a green side bunker the club of choice would be a lob wedge or sand wedge because it has bounce which helps the club dig, as we don't want to hit the ball first in this situation, but instead the sand first about an inch or two behind the ball. The bounce of either of these wedges helps blast the ball out of the bunker properly." 

The Full Swing:

"The golf swing is a thing of beauty when performed correctly. Ideally, it should be effortless, rhythmic and in sync. It is not a thing of perfection, but as I like to say, "the golf swing is a thing of imperfect perfection." I teach by a motto that you should always be striving for excellence in your golf swing, never perfection because its just not necessary or realistic. Take for example the average tour pro. They miss approximately 1/3 of their greens during a round. So, their swings are far from perfect, but surely excellent. And they're the best players in the world too. So, don't be too hard on yourself when learning how to swing or set your expectations too high. Be patient with the learning process because it does take time and forgive yourself for your mistakes along the way because performing the proper golf swing can be difficult. "

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