Real Testimonials from Real Students of Brian's

•"After 25 years of not being able to take on board any advice, Brian showed me how to hit consistently straight for the fist time.  After two lessons I went up to Rancho San Marcos and hit a 75 - my best ever round by ten shots!  You cannot find this kind of help on YouTube.  I highly recommend going to see Brian if you want to improve your game." 

- James Darnborough

•“Brian is an excellent golf instructor that teaches a compact, repeatable swing with a focus on physical and mental fundamentals that will elevate your game. When I first started working with Brian, I was struggling to consistently break 100 when golfing with my buddies. Since then, I have posted multiple rounds in the 70s after working with Brian for just a few short months!” - Tim K.

•"In the very short time that I've known Brian and the 3 lessons that I've taken with him so far, he has helped me to drop my scores by about 9 strokes on average. In fact, I've set one new personal scoring record after another since I started working with him.  His knowledge and approach to teaching are quite impressive and I'm really excited about my future lessons with him." - Dan Neal

•"After not playing golf for a number of years, I got back on the golf course just to find out my game was not anywhere near to where it had been before. After a couple of lessons with Brian, we were able to work on my swing and it made all the difference in the world. Brian is a terrific instructor and very knowledgeable about the mechanics of the golf swing.  I now hit my clubs farther and with a lot more confidence.  With his help I have managed to improve my game tremendously.  I will recommend Brian to all my friends."  - Sergio Portillo

•"Brian is a consummate professional who tailors his lessons around each individual player. Brian did his due diligence in determining my level and based on that, he came up with a plan to help me improve. Brian constantly monitors my swing, body posture, ball position and other more complex factors in order to help me with my game. In my first 3 lessons, I have gone from hitting the driver 2 out of 10 times straight down the fairway to 8 out of 10. I have also been able to go from never being able to hit my woods and hybrids off the ground to now being able to do that as well. I am confident that he will continue to help me improve my game drastically and I'm confident he can do the same for you." - Aaron Azizi

•"Brian is everything you would want in a golf instructor, knowledgeable, patient and very kind. I had not held a golf club ever and didn't know the difference between a driver & putter. My whole family is taking instruction from Brian & we've all improved. I would highly recommend Brian for any level of golf instruction. You won't be disappointed."

- Marion Reagan

•"Brian is an awesome guy and great instructor! After 3 lessons I am already seeing great results and shot my best round ever. Highly recommend!" - Michael Clark

•"I found that Brian has excellent knowledge, very good teaching skills and the ability to focus his students on the real issues with their golf swing. Taking his advice and applying it with regular practice will ultimately lead to the adjustments/changes necessary to permanently improve the golf swing and reduce scores. Will recommend him to my friends." - Terence Jones

•"I found Mr. Powers by sheer happenstance on the internet. I set a time with him and he was there before me ready and waiting. We went to the driving range for a while where we worked out a few things with my swing. He had a calm demeanor which helped me to relax. He immediately pinpointed several mistakes and made corrections along the way. We then went to the course where I could apply the changes. I managed to lower my score by about 5 strokes after just one outing. I plan to see Brian again and again. Good guy and very knowledgeable." - Michael Cook

•"I recommend Brian strongly. In just 3 lessons I am hitting all my clubs at least 10 yards longer. Brian's early wrist hinge technique is easy to learn and has helped me immensely. Golf is fun again and I am looking forward to bigger improvement!" - Brian Sausser

•"Brian has been my instructor for the good part of the year. He has been able to get me from never playing golf, to being respectable on the course with colleagues, friends and clients. I would highly recommend Brian for all skill levels." - Spencer Miller

•This is a great story.  The link to the video below is of a student of Brian's (Dan Carter) that came to him in late March, 2018 saying that he has never hit a golf ball in his life and needed some lessons because some very important business partners paid for a 3 day/3 round golf trip (with him included) to Pebble Beach Resorts on May 10, 2018.  Dan just wanted to be respectable before his important colleagues and ended up taking 7 range/short game lessons and 3 eighteen hole playing lessons with Brian.  The video is of him on the first day of his trip (on May 10, 2018) on the 12th hole at Spyglass Hill (a Pebble Beach sister course) with him only playing his own ball for the first time ever for 18 holes.  In fact, Dan would go on to make his first ever birdie here before making his first ever par.  But, that wouldn't take long because the second day Dan made his first ever par on the famous 7th hole at Pebble Beach Golf Course and then his second ever par on the third day at Spanish Bay.  Mission accomplished Dan said.  He won the respect of his colleagues and had a whole lot of fun.  *NOT BAD AT ALL FOR A NEWBIE :)  WAY TO GO DAN!

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